*The last time I shopped at a RadioShack I was looking for batteries and headphones. For my Sony Walkman. That played cassette tapes.

I didn’t even know they were still around until they filed for bankruptcy protection in February and closed more than half of their stores. I thought they were going the way of Circuit City (remember them?), and didn’t think they’d make it to ring in the holidays this year.

RadioShack has in fact survived, and they’re looking to thrive this holiday season.  In an environment when Black Friday deals are being offered earlier and earlier, even on Thanksgiving Day, RadioShack will offer in-store Black Friday promotions on Wednesday, the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. Stores will feature over 100 different deals and will stay open an hour later than usual on Wednesday, November 25. On Thanksgiving Day, they’ll open at 8am and will remain open until 1pm, getting the jump on other brick and mortar retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target by several hours.

I’m quite conflicted about Black Friday, Thanksgiving and the notion that stores shouldn’t conduct business on the holiday, in order to preserve a romantic notion of tradition and time spent with family.

For one thing, every Friday is Black Friday at my house.

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