RZA playing a round of chess with some of the local youth.

RZA playing a round of chess with some of the local youth.

*90’s group, WU-Tang Clan member, RZA is being the change he wants to see in the world by investing his time and money in creating a positive program of change known as the Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HCCF).

Chess lover, Rza, believes that it was chess and an appreciation for literature and reading that turned him around from the violent street life. By it being a big help to him, he’s hoping to help change lives with the method he put to use.

In early October, RZA spoke to more than 400 high school students in the St. Louis area and even played some chess with the area’s incarcerated youth before donating to the HHCF, Adisa Banjoko.

“Y’all are in here for not controlling your energy, yo,” RZA told told those gathered at the juvenile hall. “You are here now for not being analytical about the results of the actions you have taken. I’m the last one to talk in some sense. I’ve been through the same system…Me and my brother got our first gun, when I was 11 or 12…Riding NY city busses looking for what they call, a ’vic.’”

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