rosewood (diggs chestnut ayers - screenshot)
*The Electronic Urban Report/EUR visited the set of Fox TV’s new series “Rosewood” in sunny Long Beach, CA to chat briefly with  Taye Diggs and the star of the show, Morris Chestnut.

The two had just finished filming a scene playing basketball and it was clear that their chemistry, both on court and off, was very natural, as this of course is not their first time filming together. Although they have been personal friends for years, the two Hollywood stars played side by side several times in the “Best Man” movie series. EURweb associate Robin Ayers describes the two of them together in the interview as more of a “fun reunion … with a lot of synergy.”

Diggs has joined the cast of “Rosewood” with a recurring role as Dr. Mike Boyce wh is the best friend of Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., played by Morris Chestnut.

“It’s been fun hanging out with him and it’s been fun playing on a show that’s different from any other show on TV,” Diggs said.

When asked the about reconnecting on screen again, Chestnut responded:

“We’re both very fortunate and very blessed.” Taye Diggs jokingly continues “It’s fun when you reach a point where you say ‘You come play with me, I’ll come play with you’, acting wise.”

Fans of “Rosewood” will get to see to see the chemistry for themselves as Diggs’ first appearance on the show is set to air tonight at 8/7c on Fox.

For more, check out the interview below.

EUR Bonus coverage. Get a sneak peek of tonight’s “Rosewood” with the clip below: