Happy family*Ah happiness. 

We all deserve it, but few of us actually seem to have it.

Oh, I’m not talking about the fleeting happiness that people seem to feel obligated to post on Facebook. Or the spurts of pure glee we feel when life is good because “that check just came in,” or “he/she proved his/her love for me!” or “I know I look good right now.”

I am speaking of genuine happiness. The degree to which, no matter what daily life brings, your intrinsic happiness does not go beneath or sink below a certain point.

Even when nobody’s looking.

I often wonder why it is that we seem to be so obsessed with showing others how ‘happy’ we are. Working to impress others with how ‘devoted’ we are.

And then we go home.

We close the curtains. We take off the makeup, the wig or toupee and the business suit. We cleanse away the smell of outside and we are left with our own scent.

Happy now?

There you go. That’s the happiness I’m talking about.

Hopefully you won’t have to wait until your senior years, but by this age, many people realize they spent too much time getting in their own way. At this point they realize the only person they want to impress is themselves. And they generally start with forming the habit of laughing uncontrollably…at some point everyday.

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Happy retired couple embracing