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*“The first time was Laurence Fishburne in “School Daze.” “WAAAKE UP!” People ain’t listen. People ain’t woke!”

Spike Lee has been making films for over three decades and this year he is giving us “Chi-Raq.” The icon sat down with EUR for a conscious discussion.

Spike Lee, Director of "Chi-Raq"

Spike Lee, Director of “Chi-Raq”

EUR: You (Spike Lee) have been asking us to WAKE UP for years…why do you think some of us are still sleep? You’re a professor, what can we specifically do to change?

Spike Lee: The first time was, Laurence Fishburne, in “School Daze.” “WAAAKE UP!” People ain’t listen. People ain’t woke! Number one, we have to vote for politicians who aren’t being paid by the NRA. Vote for politicians who are anti-gun violence. Let’s not get it twisted, I ain’t saying politicians should take people’s second amendment rights away. We have to do something about the illegal guns in this country. There has to be tighter background checks, follow Michael Pfleger – who John Cusack’s character is based on – he has a great idea. Lets label guns like cars. Chicago has one of the tightest gun laws in the country, but in the end it doesn’t. 20 minutes in the car and you’re in Indiana going to some gun show or gun shop. These illegal guns are coming into Chicago from Indiana. In New York things are very tight because the men in bluebirds got very tight gun laws. Guns come from Florida, Georgia, Virginia. We got to do something about guns in this country.

Wesley Snipes as Cyclops in "Chi-Raq"

Wesley Snipes as Cyclops in “Chi-Raq”

Wesley Snipes: We got a lot of help! We got foods that put us to sleep, music that puts us to sleep, people that put us to sleep, shows that put us to sleep, there are a lot of sleeping pills around here! Hopefully, over time this too shall pass. It will change and we’ll come into an age of humanity, fellowship, brotherhood, and sisterhood!

Nick Cannon: Consciousness takes time. You can’t wake up over night. We tend to fall back asleep, even if you wake up for a second, you get caught back in your own pattern and that’s why we have artist to hold up a mirror and be the reflection. That’s why I’ve always loved Spike Lee and will continue to love Spike because we need those loud town criers, those bell ringers to say, “hey, look what’s going on.” We’ll get caught in the pattern, the selfishness of our everyday hustle and bustle, but art makes us take a step back in appreciating humanity.

Nick Cannon as Chi-Raq in "Chi-Raq"

Nick Cannon as Chi-Raq in “Chi-Raq”

EUR: Do you think Americans are ready to be honest with themselves and each other and admit their mistakes?

Spike Lee: Well, if they don’t do it soon…It’s really going to get ugly.

EUR: Would you run for President of the United States?

Spike Lee: No! I wouldn’t even be able to be the borough president of Brooklyn, let alone the president of the United States of America!

“Chi-Raq” will be released in limited theaters on December 4,  with the film premiering on Amazon Instant Video shortly after

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