*The days of hearing hit songs from T-Pain are apparently over, according to the Tallahassee, Florida entertainer.

During an appearance on “Larry King Now,” T-Pain cited a shift in making music as the reason why he’s no longer in the hit making business.

“Musically, just I stopped trying to make hits. I’m just done with making hits and you know, trying to please everybody, except for myself,” the rappa ternt sanga explained.

In addition to vowing to stop making hits, T-Pain offered an honest view of how music industry executives view fans. According to the “Bartender” vocalist, execs think fans are stupid. So much so that “they will like whatever we put out.”

As for his own material, T-Pain admitted that he did not like recording  certain hits.

“My manager would offer me cars if I recorded a song,” T-Pain mentioned to Larry King.

As many folks know, T-Pain owes a great deal of his fame to auto-tune. Despite this, he’s been raising eyebrows online with singing acoustic versions of his hits. So how does T-Pain feel about those who have jumped on the auto-tune bandwagon and how he uses it?

“I use it to make my voice an instrument, I use it like the hard way, the only time when it’s really fake is when people try to hide the fact that they’re using it,” he told King as he pointed to well-known incorrect auto-tune user. “When you sing with auto tune, you sing with it on your voice already, so you pretty much recording it into the WAV file. Kanye West goes and sings without it and then he applies the effect afterwards and that’s, you know, according to Dr. Andy that’s the incorrect way to do it.”

To see T-Pain’s “Larry King Now” interview, where he also touched on his history with depression, emotional new video, troubles plaguing his friend Chris Brown and his confusion regarding the popularity of EDM DJs, check out the video below: