Tai Allen, Again

*Tai Allen is a poet, writer, emcee, producer, singer, activist and friend, so often his material makes its way to my inbox and each time I’m more impressed at the way he skillfully blends his craft without compromising his intent.

“Go Groove” (produced by Suede Jenkins) is no exception as he delivers a head-nodding cut that paints a picture of a courtship in muddled times.

“‘Go Groove” is about what it means to fall in love during a chaotic time – and the highs and lows that come with it,” says Allen. “It causes you to consider all the things that can happen to interrupt love and friendships. It also shows how this love thing is beyond complete understanding, but is completely understood.”

“Go Groove” is part of a larger body of work, including both Allen’s first full-length book of book and the accompanying soundtrack, which uses art to create larger discussions on how to navigate change — whether in matters of the heart or in community progression.

The soundtrack, The High X the Mighty and the book, The High x the Low, are both set for release in February 2016.