*We’re just around the corner from the holidays and the November 20 release of The Night Before, starring Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie and Joseph Gordon Levitt and all the traditions that come with the holiday season including FOOD, family, and — was food already mentioned — oh yea, and fermented grapes of course, commonly referred to in Italy as vino.

As for family outings, let’s start with the traditional nativity plays that everybody and their mama does at church and local theater companies. If there were to be a star studded nativity production, it should look something like this for Mother Mary, Joseph and sweet Baby Jesus (who I ask for us all to take the wheel on Black Friday):

Beyoncé-Haloimages supernatural__140220191318

Of course, Beyonce is the mother of all pop culture mothers; Drizzy is being called daddy with his new bod by everyone so why not make him Papa Jo, and Scream Queen’s Lucien Laviscount still has a baby face, so he is definitely Baby Jesus.


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Mama O, Denzel and Trigga–I’d say YES, YES and YESSS!

Feel free to share your dream super star nativity scene in the comments below. While you think about it, make sure to check out the trailer for The Night Before below and get your friends out for a night of non-stop laughter on Friday, November 20!