cam-newton-touchdown-dance-panthers-titans*The Carolina Panther’s 27-10 victory over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday (Nov. 15) was welcome news for Panthers fans, but it was the touchdown celebration (The Dab dance) from the team’s quarterback Cam Newton that rubbed one person the wrong way, not to mention, the Titans, too.

In an open letter to the Charlotte Observer, Rosemary Plorin acknowledged the Panther’s win as she mentioned that it was also her nine-year-old daughter’s first time watching an NFL game live in the stands.

Despite voicing her respect for Newton, Plorin expressed her disappointment in Newton’s frequent Dabbing, er, dancing and behavior after scoring a touchdown during the game, actions that she felt were unbecoming of someone considered to be a role model.

The following is Plorin’s open letter in its entirety:

Dear Mr. Newton,

Congratulations on your win in Nashville today. Our team played well, but yours played better. Kudos to the Panthers organization.

That game happened to be my nine year old daughter’s first live NFL experience. She was surprised to see so many Panthers’ fans sitting in our section of the stadium; that doesn’t happen much at fourth grade football games. And she was excited we were near the end zone, so we would be close to the “action,” particularly in the second half.

Because of where we sat, we had a close up view of your conduct in the fourth quarter. The chest puffs. The pelvic thrusts. The arrogant struts and the ‘in your face’ taunting of both the Titans’ players and fans. We saw it all.

I refuse to believe you don’t realize you are a role model. You are paid millions of dollars every week to play hard and be a leader. In the off season you’re expected to make appearances, support charities, and inspire young kids to pursue your sport and all sports. With everything the NFL has gone through in recent years, I’m confident they have advised that you are, by virtue of your position and career choice, a role model.

And because you are a role model, your behavior brought out like behavior in the stands. Some of the Panthers fans in our section began taunting the hometown fans. Many Titans fans booed you, a few offering instructive, but not necessarily family friendly, suggestions as to how you might change your behavior.

My daughter sensed the change immediately – and started asking questions. Won’t he get in trouble for doing that? Is he trying to make people mad? Do you think he knows he looks like a spoiled brat?

I didn’t have great answers for her, and honestly, in an effort to minimize your negative impact and what was otherwise a really fun day, I redirected her attention to the cheerleaders and mascot.

I could tell she was still thinking about it as we boarded a shuttle back to our car. “I guess he doesn’t have kids or a Mom at home watching the game,” she added.

I don’t know about your family life Mr. Newton, but I think I’m safe in saying thousands of kids watch you every week. You have amazing talent and an incredible platform to be a role model for them. Unfortunately, what you modeled for them today was egotism, arrogance and poor sportsmanship.

Is that what your coaches and mentors modeled for you, Mr. Newton?

So what say you? Did Plorin raise some valid points with her open letter or is she taking Newton’s touchdown celebration a little too seriously? Watch below to see footage of Newton doing the Dab after scoring a touchdown against the Tennessee Titans. Oh yeah,  speaking of the Titans, Rosemary is not the only person Newton ticked off with his celebratory “Dabbing.” Titans players weren’t thrilled either, as you’ll see in the video. Anyway, weigh in below with your thoughts about Plorin’s letter and Cam’s dancing.

And remember, when doing the Dab to celebrate life, success and good health, follow Cam Newton’s advice and really “Dab on them Folks!”: