World Map with continents on curved horizon -computer generated

*”All around the world same song.” Remember groovin’ to that piece by Digital Underground back in the day? Ah the memories. Well get over ’em because apparently lead singer ‘Shock G’ didn’t know what he was talking about. He obviously hadn’t been all around the world because if he had, he would’ve realize many countries definitely sing a different tune.

There are SO many things that we, as Americans, do here at home that folks in other countries get bent all out of shape over. Humph! Who knew that if I see something cool and I want to recognize that by giving a ‘thumbs up’ – I am insulting the people in Latin America, Western Africa, Russia and Greece? Come to find out there are a LOT of things folks in the U.S. do that don’t go over well at ALL in the world at large.

And baby, you would be surprised at what they are.

So if you’re planning on visiting that cousin who lives abroad this winter, or having your honeymoon or annual vacation in any of the surrounding “neighborhoods” of the world I’ve got one word for you.


Not until you take a look at this list, that is.

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