tyler perry (new physique1)
*Tyler Perry is showing off a better version of himself for the world to see.

On Sunday (Nov. 22), the 46-year-old entertainment mogul displayed a noticeable photo of his slimmed down physique dressed in blue swim trunks and proudly displaying his muscles on Facebook as he informed folks that he’s on the verge of reaching the goal he’s set for himself to lose weight.

“I’m 18 lbs. away from my goal,” Perry captioned the photo. “I hope I don’t blow it this holiday season. Gonna try to stay on it.”

Despite expressing how difficult it is to lose weight after the age of 40, Perry emphasized that, “It’s so worth it.”

“It keeps the doctor away,” he says. “Don’t let anything keep you from being healthy and strong.”

Perry’s weight loss comes nearly a year since he welcomed his first child with girlfriend Gelila Bekele last December. Referencing his mother’s death, the producer-director-actor mentioned that the passing provided inspiration for getting fit and trim.

“I wish my mother had fought back,” Perry stated. “She turned diabetic at 40 and died at 64. Don’t let that be you!! Fight back!!”