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*HULU and Netflix are among longtime heavyweight companies streaming videos online – but now there’s a new streaming video service with a mission.

Dr. Donahue Tuitt, the CEO and founder of UNIFY, says his service is the only one providing TV and film entertainment geared towards the African-American audience.

Viewers can choose from hundreds of TV shows and movies to watch such as In Living Color, New York Undercover, The Flip Wilson Show and The Best Man in addition to original programming.  Also, UNIFY has launched a 24 episode docu-series, The Legacy: Celebrating 75 Years of Blacks on Television.

“A lot of it is not only African-American audiences – that’s our core – but people who love African-American programming,” Tuitt said.

Tuitt speaks passionately about how entertainment impacts culture and society saying “one of the things that UNIFY is doing is not just in streaming this content – but our social partnerships that we have within the community is going to help make our consumers truly invested and engaged in using this platform to make a difference in society.”

donahue tuitt

Donahue Tuitt

The native New Yorker believes in supporting Black businesses explaining why when talking about doing business with a Black bank.

“I couldn’t do a platform that’s catering to the Black community and not be serviced by an African-American bank,” Tuitt said.  “We have these social partnerships that we’ve begun to build and have had extensive conversations with different players within the community to say okay how can we use UNIFY to be a cornerstone to transform Black America.”

Tuitt is a self-described “latch key kid from Brooklyn” who acquired a doctorate degree in education from the University of Southern California, where he taught for three years as an adjunct professor in the school of education.

He admits that he “has a passion for education” but he believes that God “had a purpose for him” to expand his reach beyond the upwards to a hundred students he was reaching in an academic year.

UNIFY will officially launch February 1, 2016.

Find out more about UNIFY at www.UNIFYme.tv.

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