adele prank1

*We have no idea who came up with this scheme, but it’s a good one and it worked to a tee.

Adele punk’d a group of her impersonators by disguising herself as an … wait for it … an Adele impersonator named “Jenny” with the help of the BBC’s Graham Norton.

“You look so unlike yourself!” is how a shocked Norton responded when seeing the singer after a prosthetic nose and chin were applied to play the part. Going even further into the disguise, she also wore black gloves to hide her tattooed left wrist.

As PEOPLE reports, the ten-time Grammy winner totally pulled off the prank by completely fooling the imitators who closely  matched her voice at the fake audition.

In the video you’ll see Adele throwing her impersonators off by pretending to have pre-show jitters. She then takes the stage for a rendition of “Make You Feel My Love.” To say she blew some minds is putting it mildly.

It’s a real hoot to witness the impersonators come to the realization that one their fellow competitors is the real deal.

“Adeles meet your Adele!”