black father defends black womanhood1

*The situation at Spring Valley High School has produced a lot of feelings about what happened to the female student who was assaulted by Officer Ben Fields.

So much so that a black father went in on the school, its officers and the state of South Carolina while defending the 16-year-old victim during a school board meeting. In a video of the meeting, the man is seen standing up to express his outrage at the assault as well as the police department’s delay, at the time, in firing Fields

The following are quotes taken from the man’s passionate speech, via Madame Noire:

“If that was my daughter…she is my daughter. She don’t have to belong to me biologically…That officer being fired would be the least of his worries. We are sick and tired of Black women being abused. You can say it’s not racism all you want to, but this is going on all across this country, everyday.”

“As I understand it, this student comes from a foster family. She didn’t have a father like me to deal with that situation, in the most savage way.”

“You do not touch nobody’s child, whether they’re White or Black, in that manner. I wouldn’t put my hands on a White child and throw her across the room, slam her on the floor. Her father would have every right to come and take my life if he choose to do so. And as a father, you wouldn’t have to worry about him being fired because I would put some fire to his behind.”

As the video progresses, the man, who said he had no fear of any man, criticized the officers, telling them that they were responsible for Fields’ actions and the children are in their care when they are in the school. As a result it is their job to ensure that they are protected.

Citing other examples of racism in South Carolina, the man mentioned that the state was embarrassing itself in the news.

“South Carolina you’re doing yourself well across the world.,” he said. “You shoot 9 people in Charleston. You shoot the young brother… for going to get his license and registration and now you’re beating up young girls in school? And you are thinking about firing him? He should have been fired that day!”

From there, Madame Noire notes the man told the officers that it was their responsibility to stop this type of behavior in schools and in the community, lest there be more enraged black men like him, taking matters into their own hands.

To see the video in its entirety, check it out below: