Whoopi Goldberg and Carly Fiorina on "The View" (Nov. 6, 2015)

Whoopi Goldberg and Carly Fiorina on “The View” (Nov. 6, 2015)

*GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina returned to “The View” on Friday after the show was criticized for joking that her face looked “demented” during the Republican debate.

The  her satellite appearance, things got heated between the candidate and co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar over other issues, including Fiorina’s insistence that Planned Parenthood “harvests baby parts” through late term abortions.

“You know that’s not true,” Whoopi said, cutting her off. “Carly, you know no one’s harvesting baby parts. Come on, girl.”

Joy Behar and Carly Fiorina spar on "The View" (Nov. 6, 2015)

Joy Behar and Carly Fiorina spar on “The View” (Nov. 6, 2015)

Behar asked Fiorina how she could consider herself a feminist while also being “against programs that let women make choices for their lives,” including raising the minimum wage, government-mandated maternity leave and abortion access.

Fiorina dismissed the accusation, arguing that she can be pro-women without having to agree with “the litany of the left.”

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After the commercial break, Goldberg suggested Fiorina was publicizing their comments about her face to boost her poll numbers. Fiorina clapped back, saying “The View” only invited her back on the show for ratings after the mocking of her face drew national attention.

“We didn’t put out any ads or anything,” Goldberg said in the show’s defense.

Co-host Paula Faris jumped in and said that her fundraising ads using “The View” comments is like “trying to make lemonade out of lemons.”

“Oh, so you’re telling me that you guys are lemons?” Fiorina joked, earning praise from the comics on the panel.

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