toaster burning, life hack

*It’s so easy to get caught up in the whole social media thing.

You forget that everything people might suggest you try, even if it happened to work for them, can be a FAIL for you. And I can think of no better proof of this than to use the experience of a 66-year-old British woman named Suzanne Dale who simply wanted to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich and nearly burned her house down in the process.

Ms. Dale, please know that I am not judging you, girl. I see that this could have easily been me…or any of us for that matter.

Dale saw a post on Facebook that suggested a new way of making a grilled cheese sandwich. Gone were the days of simply putting some butter in that hot frying pan and placing your ready-made, boring-looking, two pieces of cheese inside two slices of bread in it. Buh-bye to smashing that sandwich down and flipping it over with a spatula until its flat and toasty.

No. When you know “better,” you do better, right?

Or so she thought…

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