Elaine Goodman

Elaine Goodman

*Elaine B. Goodman is somebody’s mother so I am not going to slaughter her with my words because of her nasty deed.

But if I am being totally honest, if thoughts could kill, she’d be dead now. Guess the family of the kid that she raped, and I, will just have to be satisfied with the fact that she is in jail and has been charged with fourth-degree rape, three counts of third-degree rape, two counts of second-degree unlawful sexual contact, and sexual solicitation of their 13-year-old son; who was alleged to be her daughter’s boyfriend.

Goodman, a 45-year-old Delaware resident, had sex with the teen in the back seat of her car. And her comment below, to a friend via text, was a large part of the evidence that got her apprehended.

Goodman texted,

“He is so cute with a nice ass body. I asked him what in the world are u doing with a body like that at 13…”

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