Ethan Couch

*Ethan Couch, the wealth-laden Caucasian teen who got off with a slap on the wrist after killing four people in a drunk driving accident and leaving another paralyzed two years ago at age 16, has landed in hot water. Well, he hasn’t landed  yet…because nobody knows where he is.

However, a warrant has been issued for his arrest because he failed to show up  to a check-point meeting with his probation officer earlier this month, and even his father claims he has no idea where his son, who was living with his mother (who is also missing) has disappeared to.

Couch, 18, was charged as a juvenile. He was subsequently at the beginnings of a 10-year probation. His punishment for the crime after his lawyer used the so-called ‘“Affluenza Defense‘ that argued the teen was “too rich and too spoiled” to know right from wrong and that his parents did not make him adhere to the boundaries the rest of us are held accountable for.

Even today, people say that Couch never appeared remorseful for what he did. And his actions shown in this latest stunt (read on) certainly prove this assessment.

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