apollo nida*Even before Apollo Nida was transferred to state prison, his soon to be ex-wife Phaedra Parks had been quite vocal about not wanting to take their two boys to visit him behind bars – fearing the experience would be too traumatic for them. While Apollo initially protested her decision – even demanding in a December 2014 interview that she bring their sons to visit – he now has a change of heart.

Apollo has not physically seen his boys since surrendering to serve his sentence, but sources close to the former reality star tell TMZ that he now believes it’s best to wait until the boys are old enough before they visit him while he’s serving an 8-year stint for fraud and embezzlement. Instead, Apollo spends time with 2 year-old Dylan and 5 year-old Ayden using the FaceTime app.

Nida has been moved to a new facility, the same one ‘RHOJ’ star Joe Guidice will soon begin serving a 2 year sentence for bankruptcy fraud. Nida’s children have not received approval to see him, and as it turns out, Phaedra’s name is also not on Apollo’s visiting list – yet.

This news may not be alarming for fans and viewers of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” as the reality couple have been feuding since before he turned himself into prison officials back in September 2014, and with recent news that they are moving forward with their divorce – why would Phaedra visit him?

Phaedra has written in her Bravo blog about plans to divorce Apollo, who was just transferred from Kentucky’s FMC Lexington to Fort Dix in New Jersey at the beginning of December. As TMZ pointed out, Parks not being on the approved visitor list is no reason to clutch your pearls, as prisons are notoriously slow about processing paperwork and Apollo hasn’t been an inmate at Fort Dix long enough for his visitor list to be cleared.