Jamal Bryant

*Donald Trump’s meeting with a group of black pastors on Monday may have struck a positive nerve with him and those who were present, but according to the Rev. Jamal Bryant it’s comparable to someone enlisting the services of a prostitute.

During an appearance on CNN, Bryant argued with one of the ministers at the meeting, Pastor James Davis, telling him that he should feel like a pawn. Adding insult to injury, Bryant took it a step further by labeling the pastors who met with Trump as prostitutes but with a slight twist.

“I want to apologize, because prostitutes get money. And the 100 that went in there walked away with nothing, they did it for free,” Bryant said.

“So there’s another word for that, and I would not use that language on a family channel,” he added.

Giving his take on the meeting, Clutch reports that Davis mentioned how Trump listened to the pastors and fired back at Bryant by labeling as just one of the “minions” telling African-Americans who are open to non-liberal points of view to “get back on the plantation.”

As the conversation continued, Davis took another jab at Bryant, saying that the Baltimore religious leader should “probably have his ministerial credentials revoked.”

The exchange between Bryant and Davis comes a day after Trump gathered the pastors together at Trump Tower for the meeting, which was originally set up by Trump’s campaign as an event for the Republican presidential frontrunner to be endorsed by 100 black religious leaders and evangelicals. The plan ultimately fell flat after some of the ministers who were invited to the meeting objected to any notion of an endorsement. For them, the meeting was an opportunity to challenge Trump on controversial comments he’s made recently as a presidential candidate.

Black America Web notes the meeting was at times tense with the ministers raising concerns about racially charged rhetoric and blunt language. Nevertheless, Trump looks to continue on with his approach with no plans to change anything that has put him in the “first position in every single poll.”

“The beautiful thing about the meeting is that they didn’t really ask me to change the tone,” Trump said Monday after the meeting about the group of pastors. “I think they really want to see victory, because ultimately it is about, we want to win and we want to win together.”

Trump’s overall assessment of the meeting was voiced later that day when he told a nearly all-white audience of about 5,000 at a rally that the gathering was “inspiring” and “unbelievable.”

“It was a really terrific day,” he said.

The racial aspect of Trump’s views were the focus of a letter published by Ebony magazine in which more than 100 black religious leaders wrote that “Trump’s racially inaccurate, insensitive and incendiary rhetoric should give those charged with the care of the spirits and souls of black people great pause.”

The leaders went on to voice that Monday’s meeting would “give Trump the appearance of legitimacy among those who follow your leadership and respect your position as clergy.”

For more on Trump’s meeting with the black ministers, click here. Scroll below to see the video of Bryant and Davis discussing the meeting: