rochelle richardson*Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson had to know that their cooning and shuckin’-n-jivin’ for racist Donald Trump would result in backlash and Black Twitter coming for that a**.

When we first saw their viral video support for Muslim-hating Trump, we thought it was satire. Sadly, these two women are serious with their insistence that Trump is here to save Americans.

Save Americans from what?

Is Trump here to release America from the grips of White Supremacist programming? Nope, but don’t tell these ladies that, as dismantling the system that has for years sought to destroy black/brown lives on a daily is the least of their concerns. Seems the only thing that matters to them is remaining employed.

The North Carolina sisters call themselves “Diamond and Silk,” and have created several YouTube videos voicing their loyalty to Trump. Hail Hydra! The presidential candidate in turn had them on stage at a recent rally.

The sisters are calling for everyone to “ditch and switch” in support of Trump, but in all of their videos so far, they have yet to explain why this rich white man is morphing into Hitler 2.0.

Perhaps these sisters hate Muslims and Mexicans too?

As Jet magazine reports, response to their videos has been met with criticism for being stereotypical, and shock at two black women supporting Donald despite his conservative opponents distancing themselves from him because of his radical views.

Check out some of the responses below, and let us now what you think of the sisters being bamboozled by Trump’s sick rhetoric.