Lex Gillette

Lex Gillette, 3x Paralympian

*Lex Gillette was first introduced to Track and Field as a sophomore in high school.

It wasn’t until he had to take a physical education test that was required of him to pass the class.

In that test, there were activities like sit-ups, push ups, and running, But there was one activity that stuck out to him the most.

His teacher later informed him about the Paralympics which is a multi-sport event, involving athletes with a range of physical disabilities. He told him that he could potentially travel the world, win metals, and break records if he were to participate. Gillette became apprehensive because to him it was a new environment and he was concerned about his safety more than anything.

He quickly learned how to adjust to his surroundings and gathered the confidence he needed to face his fears. Gillette started using senses to guide him around his neighborhood without any assistance and still participated in the things he did as a child with sight.

He has a slogan, “No need for sight when you have vision” to encourage people to continue to build the world they see, even if the next person doesn’t see it. If it were up to Gillette he would be a famous writer, But the three time Paralympic medalist, Speaker and singer, says he loves Track and Field and encourages everyone to go after what they want in life focused and determined.

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