Brian Williams

Brian Williams

*Brian Williams, the former “NBC Nightly News” anchor that has since been banished to MSNBC, made a brief return to the network Tuesday to cover the breaking news out of Los Angeles.

Regular NBC News anchor Lester Holt is out sick, and Williams is the next man up – delivering news on NBC for the first time since misleading viewers about his coverage of the Iraq War cost him the “Nightly News” anchor chair in February.

NBC News said Williams would anchor an “optional special report” being provided to stations on officials from Los Angeles Unified School District delivering an update on the closing of schools in the city Tuesday in the wake of a “credible” threat of violence delivered to authorities. The danger was later revealed to be without foundation.

Williams’ report was to be simulcast on MSNBC, the cable-news network where he now covers “breaking news.”

When he was assigned to MSNBC, NBC News said he was likely to be used as a substitute for breaking-news reports on NBC when Holt was not available to deliver them.