Demetrius Ivory and Tonya Francisco of Chicago's WGN-TV

Demetrius Ivory and Tonya Francisco of Chicago’s WGN-TV

*Last week, a WGN-TV studio meteorologist and a reporter at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport started throwing shade back and forth on live television after a forecast appeared to be over-hyped.

Weatherman Demetrius Ivory had previously said that severe weather was causing significant delays at the airport. But correspondent Tonya Francisco, reporting live from O’Hare, saw no such delays – and appeared to take pleasure in letting everyone know that Ivory was wrong.

“I’m just talking like I see it,” said Francisco. “You see, I’m outside. I see what’s going on. You are inside talking about some little weather maps.”

Their back-and-forth took place over two separate segments, seen below: