Johnnie Hodges Sr. (with scissors) stands on porch with Greg Elwood to his right, daughter Robin Hodges (center) and community friends.

*We’ve often heard the saying that to feel better about our own problems, we should help someone else through theirs.  I have, and continue to, experience the truth of this practice. And now I am sure that the stranger who jumped into action after he read about the WWII vet being evicted from the home he shared with his now-deceased wife for nearly 60 years, is feeling that sense of joy too.

Especially since his actions to start a crowdfunding campaign for the homeowner proved successful and the elderly man will now be able to spend the holidays in the home that he has come to know and love.

Johnnie Hodges Sr., a 90 year-old veteran from Buffalo, New York told ABC News, “I’m very happy to be back…and spend Christmas with my family in my home. There’s nothing like being with your family. This is a beautiful home I have and it really is a pleasure to be here.”

Hodges daughter, Robin Hodges, says she didn’t realize that her dad had stopped making his mortgage payments prior to the death of her mom; who passed away on July 11, 2014.

After skipping two payments the elder faced eviction.

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