David Spade, President Barack Obama

David Spade, President Barack Obama

*David Spade, whose resume includes the “Joe Dirt” movies, is calling out President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for their recent television appearances – claiming they’re beneath the dignity of the office.

The former “Saturday Night Live” cast member blasted Obama’s recent appearance on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” via Twitter, as well as his recent Men of the Year cover of GQ magazine.

“I criticized Obama because I thought, ‘A president should have a little more dignity,’” the comedian told TMZ. “I realize that Woodrow Wilson went on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ once, but what president is doing reality shows?”

Obama used the “Running Wild” appearance, shot in Alaska, to underscore the effects of global warming. Watch a clip below:

POTUS has also participated in a number of unconventional press ops in support of his Affordable Care Act. including Funny or Die and Buzzfeed.

“It’s too much. Michelle Obama is on ‘Ellen’ more than I am… it’s just a new world. I’m not used to it. It seems a bit thirsty to me,” Spade added.

Michelle Obama often hits the talk show circuit and graces the newsstand in support of initiatives like “Let’s Move” and issues like education.

Spade theorized the First Couple is strategizing for life after the 2016 election.

“I think they’re going to do fine but they’re sort of plotting after the White House. He’s on GQ? Leave that to Bradley Cooper. You’re the president! You’re above all of us,” Spade said.

Watch below: