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*The holidays are here and it’s time to celebrate with family and friends!

Unfortunately, for many of us the holiday season is also a time for over eating and weight gain.

However, by implementing a few simple tips you can stay healthy, and enjoy the holidays without putting on the pounds:

  • Don’t skip a meal before heading to the party.

Instead, eat a light snack, preferably vegetables which are high in fiber. This helps to curb your appetite before heading to the party.  In this way you will be less tempted to overeat.

  • Space your meals out evenly throughout the day.

Eating meals more frequently keeps your metabolism up and moving throughout the day.

  • Watch your portion size.

Remember a portion size is equivalent to the palm of your hand or a clichéd fist.  When choosing your carbohydrates combine a variety of three or more that totals one complete portion size.

  • Try not to eat too much of one type of food.
  • Include vegetables and fruits to keep your plate balanced.

One of the magical properties of fiber comes from its ability to aid in the weight loss process.  Fiber is a natural appetite suppressant. This is because it swells in your stomach, helping you to feel fuller longer while cutting your calorie intake.  Fiber also carries waste out of the body. In doing so it carries with it unabsorbed molecules such as fat, carbohydrates, sugars and all their calories.

  • Eat until you are satisfied not full.
  • Don’t drink your calories.

Remember non-alcoholic beverages can be full of sugar and lots of calories.

  • Create your plate.

Create 3 sections on your dinner plate by drawing an imaginary line down the center and then another on one side half way down and across your plate.  Fill the large section of your plate with non-starchy vegetables such as salad, cabbage, or broccoli.  In one of the smaller sections put starchy foods such as rice, macaroni and cheese or yams.  The last section is for meats such as chicken, roast, or meatloaf.  Using this plate sectioning method your food can be piled to a thickness equaling the palm of your hand.

  • Take a healthy dish to the party.

To guarantee there’s something healthy on the menu, volunteer to bring it yourself.  Preparing favorite dishes low in fat and calories will help promote healthy eating.

  • Make time to exercise!

Develop a regular exercise regime at the start of the holiday season.  This will help you burn off the excess fat and calories consumed throughout the season.

The holidays are a time for friends, family, fun and food.  So by all means, enjoy all this holiday season has to offer.  Just remember that good nutrition means good health! So make sure to be smart and eat healthy.  In the long run both your mind and body will thank you!

Have a healthy holiday season!

Dawn Strozier, Personal Trainier / Nutrition Consultant
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