deandre jordan_in_drag

*DeAndre Jordan dressing up as a woman for the latest State Farm Insurance commercials aren’t going over well with some folks on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Jordan’s critics voiced their disappointment in him, with some expressing that dressing as a woman emasculated the his 6 ft. 11 inch 27-year-old Los Angeles Clippers player.

tweets criticizing DeAndre Jordan for dressing up as a womanThe ads, which debuted on Christmas under the title “Meet The Hoopers,” feature Jordan and fellow NBA stars Chris Paul, Kevin Love, Kevin Garnett and Damian Lillard as a family.

Playing the mother of the family, Jordan sports a long, blonde Farrah Fawcett wig and hoop earrings while wearing women’s clothing.

Information about State Farm is included in the commercials as they make fun of the athletes being in the NBA. In one ad, Jordan, in character as “Mom,” runs into the family room, insisting that they’d been robbed because her rings are gone. In response, the family tells her, “You ain’t got no rings!”

Jordan’s turn in drag for State Farm marks the latest situation involving a well-known black male athlete dressing in drag. Others who have dressed as the opposite sex include LeBron James, who put on a brunette wig in a Progressive ad in 2014; Olympic sprinter star Usain Bolt, who donned a tiny blue dress and curly wig for a Virgin Media commercial that same year; and NBA icon Charles Barkley, who dressed like a lady for a Weight Watchers commercial in 2012.

To see Jordan’s State Farm commercial, check out the video below: