shilo & shedeur

*When it comes to Deion Sanders, if it ain’t one thing, it’s 5 others. Especially when it concerns his family.

Here’s the latest.

Via Instagram, his sons, Shilo and Shedeur say he kicked them out on Christmas for getting their ears pierced.

Thanks for ruining Christmas pops,” he wrote.

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Friday, 15-year-old Shilo said they went to get the piercings with their mother Pilar Sanders, however they were asked to leave Deion’s home with no gifts.

Although he seemed extremely upset with his father, Shilo turned around and thanked his mother in the same post captioning it:

Thanks @pilarsanders for everything you do for us. [I know] it’s hard but u still always make sure we’re straight and having a good time.”

Hmm, we see several issues here that you may want to comment on:

1. Is Deion wrong for kicking them out on Christmas?
2. Should the boys have put their father on blast?
3. Should he punish his sons for listening to their mother?