don lemon (out to lunch sbreenshot)

*Did you know that Don Lemon wants to kick the traditional news format to the curb so he can freely drop “F” bombs if the spirits moves him.

We know this because he said so while munching on some fries during TVNewser‘s “Out to Lunch” video interview show on Saturday.

“I think at some point, I will probably get out of traditional news and become either someone like a Bill Maher, with a show that has a point of view … (though) I don’t necessarily mean liberal. “Like a Jon Stewart or Trevor Noah,” Lemon confessed. “But not so focused on the comedic part of it.”

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Lemon said he was inspired by the outspoken panel setup that Chelsea Handler had on her E! show.

“Where I could actually drop the F bomb, or where I could actually give my opinion without everyone screaming, ‘you can’t do that as a journalist!’”