Drake*Drake is expanding his brand through and investment in Omni, a concierge and storage service app that aims to help users catalog their personal possessions. The deal marks the music star’s proper foray into the world of tech.

“Being one of Drake’s first tech investments and doing deep dives on the crossover between tech and music from an end user perspective. . . is wild,” Omni co-founder and CEO Thomas McLeod posted on Instagram, a caption for a picture with McLeod, Drake and Omni’s “latest investors.”

NBCBayArea reports that Omni charges between 25 cents and $2 per month for each item customers allow the service to pick up, photograph, catalog and store with the option to have any item delivered back to the customer on demand.

As TMZ notes, Drake is more than an investor, he’s also involved in the creative and will most likely receive input from other prominent investors, including: Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and former Golden State Warriors power forward David Lee.

Meanwhile, Drake attended the grand opening of Fring’s restaurant in his hometown of Toronto in back September, and contrary to reports, he does not own the business, he only named it, and he explained the meaning behind the name to New York Times’ T Magazine.

“It’s just something you pull from your own emotions, from a happy time,” Drake explained about the restaurant owned by his business partner Angelo Ferraro and chef Susur Lee’s family members. “To get the real definition of Fring’s, you need to come to the restaurant. Ask a chef, ask a server, and everyone’s definition will be something different.”

In related news, W Magazine managed to snag a couple of A-listers from Bryan Cranston to Amy Schumer, to reinterpret Drake’s “Hotline Bling” – simply for amusement.

Posted on YouTube, the video has gone viral, collecting more than a half-million views. Check it out below.