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Evan Ross unveils new app

*Make room for another app!

Evan Ross recently hosted the launch of Ui Culture app, a mobile lifestyle and entertainment application for the young, socially conscious consumer, at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The Ui Culture app curates the good and cool in music, fashion, food, technology, and intertwines it with social issues, human interest stories, and philanthropy. Users experience a wealth of content from urban centers around the world, live streaming, campaigns and a community-giving platform.

“It’s an amazing lifestyle brand and media company,” shared Ross. “It’s doing a lot of stuff for the new urban culture. It’s really exciting. I’m really proud of it.”

EUR talked to the stars on the purple carpet about their favorite apps and trends.

Keke Palmer at Ui Culture app launch

Keke Palmer at Ui Culture app launch

EUR: What app do you use the most?

Keke Palmer: I can live without most apps! But there is an app I really enjoy and am always havimg fun with…Snapchat. I love snapchat! It’s just fun! You can make your own little reality show and fun entertaining moments. I find it enjoyable!

Anthony Pazos: Facetune! Everyone knows how much I love Facetune! It’s like I’m obsessed with it! It’s amazing. It’s worth the $2.99. People grab that Facetune! It is awesome!

L.A.F.: I’m really on Snapchat…that’s my thing. It’s only there for probably 24 hours and then the evidence is gone…

Milan Christopher at Ui Culture app launch

Milan Christopher at Ui Culture app launch

Milan Christopher: I use Waze! I’ve been living in LA for years and I still don’t know how to get around!

Jon Chaffin: Waze or Apple maps! I’m trying to learn the city. I’m an Atlanta boy. I like social apps too, like Instagram and I periscope a little bit more.

Marcel Red: Chase! Haaha! To check my bank account.

EUR: Journalists are supposed to research what’s trending in the world, so we can talk about hot topics, but I would like to know what’s trending in your world right now?

Keke Palmer: What’s always trending for me is love. Love is always trending in my life… finding ways to express it, receive it, and expand on it.

L.A.F.: Not following trends! That’s the trend. You just got to do what you love and if it makes you feel good and comfortable, great! Just keep moving like that.

Jon Chaffin at Ui Culture app launch

Jon Chaffin at Ui Culture app launch

Jon Chaffin: Praying for the families in San Bernardino and Paris. All of the stuff that is going on, got me like…I need to be more aware.

Anthony Pazos: Beauty, beauty and more beauty!

Marcel Red at Ui Culture app launch

Marcel Red at Ui Culture app launch

Marcel Red: Fashion. I usually design my own stuff.