*Jimmy McMillan, the New York City resident who segued into politics in 2010 by running for governor using the impassioned campaign theme that proclaimed, “the rent is too damn high,” says he’s done.

He is set to retire from politics and his reasons are rather sad. He feels the voters have been “totally brainwashed” and cites a lack of support for his Agenda.

He also criticized elected officials for not securing rent reduction for city residents.

In 2010 McMillan secured 41,000 votes out of more than 4 million cast in the gubernatorial race that year. And he also ran for mayor.

At this point I must say, I wonder if this lack of support stems from the public being as confused as I was about his “agenda.” I mean, I know what he said – “the rent is too damn high” – and I even agree.

But what is his Agenda again?

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