Anaconda found in Fla.

* For many years, Florida was my favorite state. Growing up in Michigan tundra, I couldn’t get enough of Florida’s sunshine, warmth and Walt Disney World. The Miami Dolphins were my favorite football team, and I swore I’d live there someday.

Now, I have relatives and friends who live in Florida.  I rarely see them, partially because I can’t handle Florida’s snake issue that I’ve been reading about for years.

This time around, a fisherman who was just doing what fisherman do — fish — ran across a nine foot long green anaconda snake near Orlando.  Nine feet long. Freely slithering by the river. Chilling. Sunning his snake ass. (Do snakes have asses??) Waiting to eat.  Waiting to eat people that look a lot like you and me.

“It wasn’t skinny,” Derrick Lockhart, a captain at Midway Air Boat Rides, told Clock Orlando. “It was eating, or it was recently dropped off and had something to eat — its farewell meal.”

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