nfl concussion hits

*Antonio Moore interviewed former NFL player Jarred Page to discuss CTE, the film “Concussion” coming to theaters Friday starring Will Smith and the release of Moore’s powerful article on Vice Sports “Football’s War on the Minds of Black Men”


Excerpt from the article:

It’s easy to envision football becoming even more entrenched as a gladiatorial sport played by poor black men for the pleasure of people who would never want to risk the results of being tackled at full speed themselves … For decades, young black men have laid themselves on the line for a game which has given most of them very little back in exchange. They have risked their bodies and minds to make millions for universities, and were compensated only with scholarships and the slim chance of an NFL contract. So how and why have families been tricked into sending so many young boys off to play this dangerous game? Black lives must matter on the field, as well as on the streets. Read Full Piece Here

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