Fox & Friends segment on kids engaging school shooters*For many, the sight of someone aiming to do harm with their chosen weapon is enough to quickly get out that person’s way and run to somewhere safe.

But according to a martial arts instructor that appeared on “Fox & Friends,” the best  thing for school-age kids to do is to actively engage school shooters and disarm them.

“In an active shooter situation, five seconds can mean the difference between life and death. But there are some things you can do and your children can do to make a difference,” co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck told viewers at the beginning of the segment, which aired Tuesday on Fox News.

From there, Hasselbeck asked Krav Maga instructor Tony Morrison to demonstrate how he teaches children to disarm active shooters. Holding a stapler in his hand, Morrison had one of his students rush him from behind, grab the stapler and performer a few karate moves on him.

Despite the intent of the segment, it did not go over well with viewers who were outraged and voiced that teaching children to stand and fight an active shooter in their school should be an absolute last resort when facing that person.

While critics argue that running should be taught to school age children instead of engaging shooters, Morrison argued that teaching children to run makes them ignorant.

“Once you engage the gunman, you have to — you have to just take him out,” he said. “You have to fight strong. So you’re not actually going to try and get away until you actually make sure that you’ve done some damage to him. Because if you don’t, then he’ll just pursue you.”

To see Morrison’s appearance on “Fox & Friends,” check out the video below and weigh in on whether you agree with the segment.