mama mafia (12 gifts of motherhood)

*Even though there are less than 12 days before Christmas, we thought we’d share with you a laugh inducing skit from the “Mama Mafia” (via Awestruck, a network and lifestyle brand for millennial moms) called the “The 12 Gifts of Motherhood.” Yes, it’s  a hilarious  parody  of “The 12 Days of Christmas”

What? You don’t know about the “Mama Mafia?!” Don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody you’re on the late freight.  🙂  Seriously though,  the Mama Mafia,” is a group of talented young black actresses and comedians balancing the trials and triumphs of motherhood one sketch at a time.

Featuring Angel Laketa Moore (ER, Good Luck Charlie, The Mom’s View), Dinora Walcott (Scandal, Mike and Molly), Quin Walters (Prime Suspect, The Q&A Show) and Angelina Spicer (Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, The Real), “The 12 Gifts of Motherhood” laments the “gifts” of motherhood like bloody nipples and horny husbands. Good Lord!!

Soooo, in the interest of Mama Mafia’s bloody nipples and horny husbands, let’s go to the video: