kanye (restive-tmz)

*We know Kanye West has achieved iconic status, but who knew it has come to this.

Nowadays the folks who toil at Goodwill are being warned by the organization’s execs to be on the lookout for the dreaded “Resting Kanye Face.”

It seems the suits in the Illinois division fired off a newsletter instructing employees on how to have appropriate reactions and emotions in the workplace, reports TMZ.

The bosses make it clear … Kanye’s zombie face is not the way to do business. When you’re happy, show it. When you’re concerned, adjust your face accordingly. Translation … Kanye’s “one size fits all” look is inappropriate and ineffective.

The newsletter has pissed off some employees who are Kanye fans, who feel it’s wrong to make the rapper the poster child for emotionally vacant worker bees.

We couldn’t agree more. Talk about a slap in the face.