Garbage Truck

*You know how on any given day you put the trash cans outside with the expectation that the garbage truck is gonna come to empty each can? You set out the big blue can with the recyclables; the green one with the old leaves and grass, and the black one for the household garbage.

I hate to admit I’ve spent time like this, but at times I have gotten a real kick out of watching the arm of that big garbage truck reach down and grab those cans; then lift each one up high and ‘dip the saucer’ so-to-speak, and let all that garbage just fall…right into the sharp teeth of the trash compacter before it repeats the process.

I’ll bet it never dawned on you that someone might be asleep inside that trash compacter.

I know…that’s a visual you can do without, so I’ll spare you. But police have confirmed that a 44-year-old homeless man actually SURVIVED after going through two compaction cycles…without any serious injuries.

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