Christopher Harrison, 28, burned two of his co-workers, and apparently himself over an unsettled argument.

*A Maryland man has been apprehended in connection with a horrible crime on his co-workers.

Four men were said to have walked to a gas station after one of them ran out of gas. Two of the men seemed to have a history of “differences” they had not solved, and one of them decided to use the opportunity to douse two of the men in gasoline and light a match to their bodies.

We’ve all heard of road rage right? Well this, and I think you will agree, takes that to a whole other level.

Christopher Harrison Jr., 28, is now in jail for committing the act. And the only reason it was filmed is because one of the men, David Widener, was there and thought he was about to witness a fist fight, according to The Daily Mail.

The video shows the two men in flames, as one of them runs up the side of a slight hill, and another runs across the highway screaming for help.

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