jameis-winston*Jameis Winston and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have taken a loss against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, but the quarterback ended up being playing a bigger role in calming down a teammate.

According to TheBigLead, the moment of truth came towards the end of the game when things got heated between practice squad wide receiver Evan Spencer and a heckler in the stands. It was then that Winston grabbed Spencer and yelled, “Lions do not accept opinions of f*cking sheep,” as he pulled him away.

“He’s a sheep!” Winston continued while in leader mode.

Despite taking a leadership role in handling Spencer, the 245 yards Winston threw for in the game as well as the touchdown he scored weren’t enough as the Bucs ultimately lost to the Colts 25-12.

To see Winston’s encounter with Spencer and his appreciation for “Game of Thrones’” Tywin Lannister, check out the videos below: