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James Wright Chanel samples Steve Harvey’s “Easy Bacon” on “The Steve Harvey Show”

*With Steve Harvey offering up his own review of Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie – sales of which skyrocketed following the viral video review from James Wright Chanel – it’s only right that Steve gets Patti’s No. 1 fan to return the favor during today’s show.


Harvey has his own line of bacon.

Back in October, the talk show host introduced his own brand of “Easy Bacon” (a pre-cooked bacon ready in 2 minutes), and is hoping that an over-the-top video blessing from Chanel will sizzle up some huge sales for him like it did for Patti’s pies.

First, James tastes the bacon along with Patti on the show:

Then, backstage, he mimics his own Patti’s Pie viral video and does a more extended review of the product, complete with singing – and even the Nae Nae: