THE LOOK OF PURE EVIL: Michael A. Jones and the house he shared with his wife and eight children

*Oh my god. Just when you thought crime had hit its lowest low, here comes a new one.

A Kansas City father has been accused of  torturing and beating his seven-year-old son to death, then feeding his corpse to the pigs in his barn.

Jaws dropped as investigators answered a call by neighbors leading them to the Jones’ house where Michael A. Jones, 44, is said to have shot at his 29-year-old wife, Heather Jones. While the police were on the scene, an anonymous call came in and said they should “check for the human remains of a seven-year-old child.”

The couple and their eight children had moved into the $225,000 home, located in a remote area of Kansas City, about two years ago. Neighbors and former babysitters had a lot to say –and spoke to the authorities in anonymity, claiming the Jones’ house was always filthy, unfit for the children, and that the family had been reported to the Kansas Dept. for Children and Family in the past.

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