North West (Instagram)

North West (Instagram)

*This happens with some moms on their second child. They feel so awful about the first one being pushed out of the spotlight by the newborn, that visitors are asked to take extra steps to ensure that child No. 1 still feels important.

Reportedly, Kim Kardashian falls into this category. According to Radar Online, Mrs. West has told extended family and friends coming  to meet her newborn son, Saint, to bring a small gift for his big sister, North, so that she doesn’t feel left out.

Kardashian, 35, “is concerned that North could feel slighted because Saint is getting so much attention,” an insider told Radar. “Kim has been unable to pick North up because she is still recovering from the delivery, and of course, all North wants is for her mama to hold her.”

“Meanwhile, Saint has been getting a ton of presents from well-wishers, so Kim has asked if anyone is coming over with something for Saint, that they also bring a small gift for North.”

North, 2, “has a ton of toys, and her parents are really good about donating the stuff she no longer plays with to charity,” the source insisted.

“Some of the excess gifts will also be given to Kourtney‘s three kids,” the source claimed. “North is actually very sweet about sharing with her cousin, Penelope. It’s adorable to see them together.”