*The road to recovery is proving to be very costly for Lamar Odom as reports surface that his medical bills are reaching $750,000 and rising.

“By the end of the year, he’ll have easily made at least a $10m dent in his $55m fortune,” an insider told Radar Online. “There’s no end in sight and he’s completely unaware of what’s going on.”

Despite amassing a hefty bank account from his days of playing in the NBA, Radar reports that the cost of keeping Odom alive following a near fatal drug overdose is financially taking its toll.

Since the overdose, Odom’s estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, been by his side and is currently the one having the final say on any medical decisions made. Nevertheless, sources are voicing concern over Kardashian running up a tab that the former pro athlete may not be able to take care of.

“Khloe’s managing most of it, but to her money’s no object and she’s signing him up for the best treatments money can buy,” the insider said. “The fact they’re still only married in name has everyone on Lamar’s side freaking out because they know he’s going to be left with all these bills when she finally kicks him out.”

Despite the concern, Radar notes the reality of the situation, which is there is no cheaper alternative to the costly care Odom is receiving.

“He needs this treatment,” the insider stated, “It’s what saved his life – but who’s going to pay for it all is going to cause some legal hell down the line.”