Victoria's secret *The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on Tuesday, Dec. 8, and featured models that support the brand’s idolization of thinness as the reigning standard of beauty, including the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Lily Aldridge, who received the honor of wearing the 2015 million-dollar bra.

The fashion show aired to an audience of 500 million in over 150 countries, sending the dangerous message that only one body type is worth celebrating. Despite Victoria’s Secret being based in a country where the average clothing size for women is 12 to 14, Teen Vogue notes that the brand isn’t interested in evolving to reflect the majority of American women, in both size and race. The brand is not here for diversity, but rather to continue to make young women insecure about their body image, as evident by their “Perfect Body” campaign, which featured rail-thin models.

The ad was spoofed by Lane Bryant’s celebrity-endorsed #ImNoAngel campaign, complete with their own “plus size” fashion show on social media. The ad aired immediately following the famous fashion event, and encourages women to “share their sexy.” While progressive women applaud the effort, many still criticized the ad, calling it “skinny shaming.”

Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel campaign was in no attempt to shade the fashion show, but rather make a resonating statement about the meaning of universal beauty.


Image via Lane Bryant

Plus size model Tess Holiday playfully addressed Victoria’s Secret on Instagram, offering to work their runway if they’re looking for a plus size model. She later told People Magazine: “The bottom line is that there’s this pervasive feeling that fat girls aren’t supposed to feel sexy, and that needs to change. It’s something plus-size women are constantly messaged – either overtly or subconsciously – and that shows in a lack of options for lingerie.”

Throughout the 30 second ad, models of various shapes, sizes and ethnicities pose in lingerie and encourage the viewer to get to know them just as you have for some of your favorite VS supermodels.

Lane Bryant’s models may not be VS angels, but their sexy confidence makes you take notice, and spark dialogue.

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