Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas

*Well now, this is interesting.

A judge has ruled an annulment in Tasha Smith‘s marriage to Keith Douglas because it was a fraud.

The deal is she found out about dude’s secret life. Smith said during their courtship Douglas told her he was a preacher and presented an image he was a man of faith.

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However, that wasn’t the reality. Douglas had been married 5 times before her and the judge is seeing things her way, apparently.

“She in no way would have jumped within a few months at the chance to be bride number six,” the judge said.

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On top of that, the judge said Douglas concealed the number of kids he actually had, his past criminal conduct, and failure to pay taxes for nearly a decade.

The bottom line conclusion, according to the judge is that Douglas’ fraud went to the heart of her reasons for marrying Smith. So now it’s like it never happened.


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