*It’s that time of the year where you hear Christmas songs by your favorite artists.

Well, Macy Gray is not one to be left out this holiday season ’cause her new Christmas ditty name drops President Obama, Donald Trump and Al Gore.

Essentially she’s updated “All I Want For Christmas” to call for free healthcare, tighter gun control and action on climate change.

She also wasn’t shy about expressing how she feels about President Obama:

“No matter what they say, Barack, you did real good,” Gray sang, adding that she hopes Obama’s successor does the “things he or she should.”

On the other hand, she’s obviously not pulling for Donald Trump to be Obama’s successor. She questions his qualifications to be president.

“Mr. Trump, he’s an entertaining guy, but let’s face it really, is he qualified?” she sings.

Gray also advises people to take former Vice President Al Gore’s global warming warnings more seriously.