Malcolm X

Malcolm X

*The long-awaited first ever and official online retail store for Malcolm X merchandise and lifestyle products launched this past Friday [November 27], during what would have been his 90th birthday year and the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination.

“For over half a century, we have been moved by the many at home and global citizens whom have been inspired by our Father’s steadfast devotion, intellect, principles and his commitment to assure a shared equity of human rights as a balanced asset for all people,” says eldest daughter, Ambassador Attallah Shabazz. “My family and I look forward to sharing Malcolm as Malcolm via select products—and invite you to be a part of our extended family as well.”

Malcolm’s exclusive pieces will also be available for purchase soon, comprised of his famous literature, speeches, memoirs and works.

“Malcolm X was a legendary teacher and leader who inspired many and has become a beloved brand for justice, courage and integrity,” says L. Londell McMillan, Esq, representative of the Malcolm X family and owner of The Source.

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