johnny britt (marvin meets miles)

*Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis never played on the same stage together and never had the opportunity to record with each other.

The concept of this “Marvin Meets Miles” show Sunday December 27 at the famous Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, California, is just that.

Singer/Trumpet Player, Johnny Britt will be performing a 13-song concert which includes 11 songs by Marvin Gaye and 2 original songs, including the title track “Marvin Meets Miles” and Britt’s latest Holiday single “Christmas Time of the Year”  written and produced by Britt (scroll down to hear it).

Britt will be joined by industry veterans Jim Gilstrap, Phillip Ingram and Kevin Dorsey.

Johnny Britt has brought his fresh Marvin Meets Miles vibe to several #1 contemporary jazz singles. This show features the songs performed as a prelude to Britt’s forthcoming 2016 release of his forthcoming album “Marvin Meets Miles,” Volume 1.

Britt is best known for his work with his Motown group Impromp2.

Johnny Britt has also worked with the likes of The Temptations, Little Anthony and The Imperials, Josh Groban, Quincy Jones, David Bowie and Maxwell.

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